Updates and first Popronde bookings

So much exciting things going on! We've been to the UK again (dutch tour report over at the Popunie), we played Rotown during Eendracht Festival, our new video is coming out soon and we met a lot of cool people lately! In the meantime we got the news that we are a part of the Never Mind The Hype selection for the Popronde and the first bookings rolled in, can't wait!

  • Popronde Zwolle: 17 sept - In De Buurt
  • Popronde Delft: 22 sept - Koornbeurs
  • Popronde Deventer: 24 sept - Hans en Grietje
  • Popronde Wageningen: 29 sept - Daniels
  • Popronde Middelburg: 10 nov - Bar American
Photo by Ad Baauw